• Vivien Lancelotti

Uranus' Daughter

c. Vivien Lancelotti

Uranus' Daughter

and it was a blurred envisioning,

the coins going straight into her semi-

detached bra, many and placed by

many hands. Some would act and others

watch. It was an ongoing match of stamina.

She waited for none. It was one and then

another. Like bugs on roses they fed on her.

Basileia was a symbol’s flesh, human, internal

organs and all that goes through them, and more…

a receiver of all the world and though there’s little

known about her, some great men were kind

enough to mention, or simply couldn’t help it:

her bosom was a sea of tiny pearls

so closely knitted they could not be felt

but shone as subtly bright as wet stone.

Forms abound. Beauty is conspicuously

omnipresent. Peoples as well as other of

nature’s features draw attention. So she

did. Part hatred part wife for instants she

burnt in a morass of judgements, half

idly, laying, numbly, she was swift. Her

scent was a pungent grimace, she did

not rely on the benedictions of others

to survive but on their trust in her lies.

Basileia, the honest courtesan, protector

of her kind, preferred the knowledge

of the moment’s rage to fear, to jive

within that mystery and to persevere.

As sounds beamed loud on her mistresses she

alone indulged in endless public secrets

resonating in the silent grip of her ruby lips.

It was German in former times, the city

in her name, a quite important trading

place, located at the Constance Lake.

The daughter of Uranus, the father figure

in the sky, his lordship mutilated, she

could be mounted to no avail but the

release of others, prisoner of the music’s

strum, circling in her red shoes ad infinitum,



Vivien Lancellotti cresceu em São Paulo e Cingapura. Hoje vive em Ibiza e escreve romance sério demais permanecendo pálida dentro de sua casa enquanto os mais equilibrados vão à praia nos fins-de-semana. - www.vivienlancellotti.com


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